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Luxury House

We are a real estate solutions company.

Our purpose is to help you sell your house FAST, by offering you a cash offer for your home. The process begins with a NO-OBLIGATION appraisal, followed by a fair market-based offer. Sell your house to us, so you can bypass the hassle.


*We eliminate all the challenges that come with selling your home by providing you with a fast cash offer. If you agree to that offer, you can get paid in as little as 10 days. Give us a call or complete the contact form to get started!

At JA INVESTORS GROUP our philosophy is built around the genuine belief that our sellers are the bedrock of our success, and, as a result, we’re committed to treating them with the utmost respect and care.

We know that selling a house can be complicated, expensive and sometimes stressful. We can eliminate those concerns and the hassle of selling a home by being completely transparent in our process and being by your side throughout the sale.


Our offers are cash and never with hidden fees or commission structures that are difficult to understand.



We meet and view the property in person before making a formal offer so we don’t waste your valuable time or tie you up with false hope – unlike some other so-called “house buyers” with their “instant” internet offers full of back-out clauses that leave you hanging or that end up adding tons of fees.



We view our business as a service provided to those who don’t always know the in’s and outs of selling a home so we are always available (in person if you prefer) to you and your family all the way through home selling process until you receive your funds. Please allow us to be your partner and introduce you to selling a home the easy way!

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